September 04 2014

Mantrakid: Dragon Lullabies

Project Date: Jun 12, 2012
Skills: Music

His debut 2008 piece ‘palmflowerblack‘ put his abilities on full display, illustrating his range both as a producer and a lyricist. the release of ‘palmflowerblack‘ unintentionally lined up with his departure from his home town of Calgary, AB to Vancouver Island, BC where he literally began a new life with his wife and their island-born son.

Through the years that followed, as mantrakid became distanced from the scene he grew up in, he began this piece of music as simply a way to pour out his abstract musical thoughts as they occurred. The organic nature of the samples layered with live instrumentation and thick smokey experimentation grew from his introspection and analysis of his new role as a father; filtered through a lens of near-hurricane winds, expansive winding forest trails and hidden beach spots. Through an almost entirely instrumental album, mantrakid floats along with wispy backdrop vocal melodiesand is joined on heavenly occasion by the ethereally pristine voice of Bee (Calgary).

With a combined timeless style unto itself, Dragon Lullabies seems to capture the best elements of a Portishead beat, lace it with DJ Shadow ambiance, and drop what could be a Beck vocal on top.

Available now — go soak it up.