February 09 2013

Mantrakid: Missykid

Project Date: Jan 02, 2012
Skills: Music

With Mantrakid’s reputation as one of Canada’s freshest and most innovative producers, and Missy’s track record for flavour & style, it should come as no surprise that the result of this project is pure funk illness.

Missy Elliot’s collaborations with super-producer Timbaland have been the stuff of legend, yielding some of the most stylistically skewed hip hop music of the past 15 years. This EP allows us to imagine ‘What if Missy had teamed with a young Western Canadian producer instead?’ Mantrakid’s styles and techniques have been known to highlight every ounce of funk and pizzazz an innovative rapper can bring to the table, and with Missy’s knack for verbal dexterity, funky one liners, and irresistible hooks, Mantrakid has plenty to work with here.

For the price of ‘whatever you want to pay’, experience Mantrakid’s take on ‘Work It’, ‘Lose Control’, and ‘Get Ur Freak On’ plus three more classic Misdemeanor jams.