February 06 2013

Mantrakid: Xenochrony

Project Date: Jan 04, 2013
Skills: Music

Coming in at 30 minutes, and completed from start to finish in less than a week, Mantrakid has surprised us again with Xenochrony — another remix album in the vein of last year’s MissyKid (Missy Elliott Remixes).

This time around the bend, it’s a whole new bag of samples tenderly torn from their original homes in songs like “Apostrophe”, “The Central Scrutinizer”, “Peaches En Regalia” and “Dinah-moe Humm”. Overtop of the reconstructed (or not) samples & loops are Mantrakids influence of vocals, guitar, bass-lines, and drum sequences that bring a deeply oddball psychedelic electro-hiphop flavour to the construct.

The White Zone is for loading and unloading only. If you got to load or unload go to the White Zone.

This tribute is but a mere drop in the bucket of the massive back catalogue of the musical mastermind Frank Zappa, but the expression Mantrakid delivers on his remixes and re-imaginings of these Zappa favorites are a true homage to the essence of unique human musicality and experimentation that Zappa held integral throughout his career.

We can only hope Zappa (and Zappa fans) enjoy nodding their collective universal consciousness to this as much as we do.

Released one week after it’s inception, Xenochrony is FREE to download and share amongst your friends.